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Dr. Anahita Masoumi

Dr. Anahita Masoumi, Founder

Anahita Masoumi is the founder of Pro Companion. Dr. Masoumi has received her undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science, Master’s degree in Health Services Leadership and Management, and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. She concurrently obtained her MBA as well. She has had various roles in the healthcare field. Her education and training prepared her to think abstractly, apply theory to practice, and to develop in-depth knowledge in the specialized field of chronic and acute diseases. She has been heavily involved in facilitating the development, maintenance, and quality management of the healthcare programs, teaching and training new nurses for the past 14 years. Her goal is to develop and implement effective strategies to better support community by promoting passionate care. She is dedicated to providing unique and individualized care and services to improve quality of life by developing Pro Companion.

Nima Yazdanfar

Nima Yazdanfar, CEO

Nima Yazdanfar is the CEO of Pro Companion. Mr. Yazdanfar is a true entrepreneur who managed, designed and shaped many businesses including his own businesses. His vision is to lead a company that provides services that are tailored to support client’s well-being and personal development while receiving compassionate care. He truly believes in enhancing the health and overall wellness by taking services into people’s home. His training prepared him to think conceptually while operating in the best interest of our clients.

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