In-Home Companion Care Services in DC

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We offer support, friendship, transportation, activities, and companionship to those whose families are unable to be with them 24/7. Our home care services are tailored to the needs of each senior, and there’s no limit to the time we provide as we partner with care facilities, families, and guardians to ensure your loved one’s needs are met.

The best way to have your questions thoroughly answered about the in-home care we provide is by scheduling an appointment with us where we can sit down and take the time to discuss what would benefit your loved one most. In the meantime, read below the brief overview of what our home care services entail. Or click over to each individual page that explains each home care service in more detail.

Companion Care in DC

Companion care not only includes basic help, but also entails assistance with chores, running errands, and other small jobs that allow your loved one the independence of living at home.

Our companion care includes accompaniment to social and physical activities and an in-home assistance with overnight care.

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Concierge Care in DC

When it comes to organizing activities and establishing a routine, we know the stress that that can add to a person’s life. Our concierge care lifts the burden of having to manage daily activities all alone, as we help your loved one navigate appointments and transportation. Depending on the unique needs of your senior, we jump in to help wherever needed. In other words, the level of assistance we provide is determined by the needs and preferences of your loved one.

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Staying Active Care in DC

Staying active is often a lifeline for many of our clients. We understand the value or physical activity and its link to cognitive health, so we offer assistance in getting to various physically and emotionally healthy activities, including walking & hiking day trips, traveling, gourmet dinner nights, art & healing sessions, spa services, and yoga, meditation, and dance therapy. Our goal is to promote healthy living through physical opportunities that enhance the intellect.

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