Art Activities & Music Sessions Washington DC

coloring a design with colored pencil

Art Activities in DC

Art activities, such as adult coloring book are highly encouraged by the American Art Therapy Association. The value gained from adult participation in art activities enhances the promotion of self-care through the development of a hobby dedicated to stress management. The coloring book phenomenon has helped to reintroduce the concept of art therapy to the public as a unique means for fostering health and wellness. Do you have a family member or a senior parent who would benefit from Art Activities? We offer this therapeutic option as a creative opportunity for adults to play with colors and express their emotions in a safe space.

turntable with record

Music Sessions in DC

Music touches all aspects of the mind, body, brain and behavior. Music can provide a calming distraction for the mind. it can slow the rhythms of the body, and it can positively affect our mood, which in turn can influence behavior. Music therapy can be used for a variety of conditions, and can help people suffering from anxiety, depression, and dementia. Do you have a family member or a senior parent who would benefit from having a music session? We can offer this fun activity to open a window for expression and emotional awareness, allowing those clients to express themselves, gain awareness of their emotions, and make connections with their loved ones.

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