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Care Services in Washington DC

Do you have a loved one that needs extra assistance but would like to stay in their home rather than move to an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or a group home?

When it comes to senior living, AARP reports that 90% of older adults would prefer to spend their golden years in the comfort of their own homes. Pro Companion makes this possible by providing the most trusted and personalized home care to the elderly and disabled across the nation. Our in-home care services offer valuable support to families.

We understand the value of helping family caregivers take care of aging and disabled loved ones, so we offer a perfect balance of assistance that allows for more quality time together while providing much needed respite for you, the caregiver.

How do we provide you help with caring for your loved one?

Care for the Elderly & Disabled

As you juggle all the competing aspects of your busy schedule while caring for your loved one, we make choosing the right home care service for your family as easy as possible.

Read on to select the home care service that ensures comfort, ease, and an improved quality of life for you and your loved one.

Companion Care

Our companion care includes all the basic help needed to allow your loved one to live at home safely. We provide assistance with meal preparation, running errands, mail organization & bill payment, and more. We also can arrange for light housekeeping and cleaning.

We also provide companion care for physical activities, such as hiking and walking, social interaction, like sharing a cup of coffee or playing a game, and overnight care.

Learn more about companion care here.

Concierge Care

We know that before your loved ones need more personal assistance with caring for themselves, they simply need help navigating their daily activities.

Whether it’s additional help with making procedural/doctors’ appointments and transportation to hospital or routine assistance with around-the-home activities, our concierge team takes pride in assessing the unique needs of your loved one and creating a service plan that best fits what they need.

Learn more about concierge care here.

Staying Active Care

Studies show that staying active and participating in activities that encourage basic body movement, such as yoga, meditation dance therapy, art & healing sessions, and spa services, are linked to cognitive health. In other words, caring for your physical health can help improve your brain health.

Our team members aid in connecting clients to appropriate activities that will not only serve to enrich your loved one’s life but also promote healthy living and a boost in their intellectual capacities.

Specialized Home Care

It’s not uncommon for most of our clients to have some sort of specific health condition or care need that requires extra attention and expertise. That’s what sets us apart from other home care agencies. We help you take care of your loved one by designing a care service plan that includes their unique needs and offering specialized care by one of our experienced and highly trained team members.

Personalized Home Care

Our provision of personalized care means we take into consideration the personality and preferences of each individual client and then customize their care so that it’s as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Having a stranger in your home can be unsettling, so we take the time to learn what best suits your loved one and what will ensure they have a stress-free experience.

Our goal is to provide you and your loved one with exactly what you’re looking for, so we start with designing a comprehensive care plan that fits your loved one’s needs, desires, and living situation.

As we create a plan and then care for your loved one, we remain in close contact with family members to ensure needs are being met, adjusting the plan as needs evolve. We do everything within our power to ensure your loved one’s care is the best fit possible.

In-Home Care Assistance

Ready to schedule a free consultation in which we can assess your loved one’s needs and preferences and discuss a care plan that best suits your situation?

We look forward to learning about your loved one’s personal routine, schedule, preferences, and budget, so we can match them with the best caregiver for their unique needs and create a care plant that enables them to thrive.

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